New York is the city of dreamers, believers, movers and shakers. With iconic buildings on every corner, New York is both historic and modern simultaneously.

Before you travel to New York, before you even think about what to pack for New York, there are some things you should know.

Some may call them travel hacks but these 6 simple tips will save you time, money and help you max out on your New York experience…

Must Know Hacks For Traveling to New York

1. New York Airport City Transfer

Whether you land at JFK or La Guardia International Airport after a long flight, no matter how high your excitement levels, jet lag will soon kick in and you’ll find yourself a little bewildered.

As the sliding doors open and welcome you to the U S of A you will be inundated with transportation choices. A word to the wise; be wary of ‘gypsy cabs’ these unofficial taxi companies are notorious for scamming unwitting tourists.

Your best bet is to order an Uber or head over to the Yellow Taxi Cab stand for an authorised taxi driver. Get your classic NYC yellow taxi photo too!

For those on a budget, opt for the AirTrain from JFK over to Howard Beach and change to a local subway tram instead.

If you’re landing at La Guardia you can catch the M80 bus into Manhattan and transfer to your hotel or hostel from there.


2. The Perfect Tip

Tipping is an absolute necessity in New York, and America as a whole, and is an often forgotten courtesy by travelers from Europe and Australia where tipping is not as customary.

Must tip services are restaurant servers, taxi cab drivers and bell boys. In restaurants tipping is expected, even if only ordering drinks.

A tip of 15-20% of the total bill is acceptable in restaurant and dining outlets.

As for taxi cabs most now offer an automated payment system where you simply select the tip amount when completing the transaction.

Along with your camera and sunglasses be sure to add some extra dollar bills when thinking about what to pack for New York!


3. Allow Extra Time

As a tourist in New York you’re thrown right amongst the hustle and bustle of busy New Yorker’s lives.

Locals are famed for their habit of stating that it takes just twenty minutes to get anywhere but with traffic works, construction, rush hour traffic and just plain uncertainly it’s always best to leave yourself extra time, especially if you’re heading to see that once in a lifetime Broadway show.

Transport is always readily available so there’s never a need to book a taxi or private car in advance. With Uber apps working quickly on the city’s super fast mobile data network you will never be waiting too long to get moving.

If you have to move during rush hour your best option is to head for the subway. But remember, when in Rome… if you find an empty subway car don’t go thinking you’ve hit the jackpot!

There’s likely a reason such a subway car is being avoided by savvy and experienced New Yorkers. Suck it up and head for the busy car!


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